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We have been in different countries and our kids attended schools in different social and linguistic environments. 每一次都是一个挑战...[until] our children spent four wonderful years at 皇冠365bet下载. 回顾, we can say that bringing them to Browne was one of the best decisions we have made and the best gift we could have given them. 在这里,他们真正成长为一个个体, 他们学到了很多, but what is most important – they were treated as equals, their ideas and thoughts mattered and this gave them a very special basis to develop their personality, 在生活中获得授权并取得成功. This is exactly the academic and social environment that we wished for when our kids arrived at Browne four years ago.

Most schools prepare students for high-stakes tests; Browne prepares students 为 interconnected world.

我们的学生在高中皇冠365app下载很好, 大学, and beyond because Browne gives them a foundation rooted in our core values of Excellence, 多样性, 字符, 和社区. This foundation equips them with a global understanding by creating genuine opportunities to engage with and learn about other cultures. 从幼儿园到8岁th 年级, Browne intentionally creates an environment that celebrates the diversity of our faculty, 学生及其家庭. Visible in our Middle School atrium are the flags of the countries from which our families have come throughout the years. We believe that education does not come solely from books, but from experiences and connections; that is why our international families are such an integral part of our school community.

The international community at 皇冠365bet下载 is rich, 多样化的, and well-integrated into the entire school community. 近年来, our student body has included students from The Bahamas, 巴西, 捷克共和国, 加纳, 意大利, 牙买加, 哈萨克斯坦, 立陶宛, 尼日利亚, 和英国.
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  • 程序特点

    ✔Pro-rated tuition available for mid-year entry
    ✔No English language proficiency necessary
    ✔Located in safe suburban area outside of Washington, DC
    ✔Trips into Washington, DC to explore museums, theaters and national parks
    ✔After school and summer opportunities available