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Parents Association and 志愿服务机会

的 Parents Association (PA) serves as a liaison between 皇冠365bet下载 parents and the school’s administration. Every family at 皇冠365bet下载 is a member of the PA.
的 Parents Association is dedicated to enhancing the growth and development of the 皇冠365bet下载 Community. It provides a forum for parents to obtain information, ask questions; serves as a liaison between parents and the Browne administration to ensure consistent and effective lines of communication; enhances the student experience through active participation in the Browne community; and supports the mission and priorities of Browne. 的 PA的主要目标是:
  • Promote cooperation and communication among parents, faculty, staff, trustees and students.
  • Provide a means for parents to be of service to the school.
  • Supplement the school’s social and educational offerings.
  • Foster interest in the life of the school.

Your child’s years at 皇冠365bet下载 are among the most impressionable of his/her life. If you want to play an active role in guiding your child’s experience at the school, we invite you to become an active member of your PA. We also encourage you to join one of the various committees responsible for working with 皇冠365bet下载 toward making the 皇冠365bet下载 experience the best it can be. 


的re are a variety of ways to get involved at 皇冠365bet下载, below are just a few opportunities. If you would like to get involved, please email pa@agrinitani.com.


  • 教室的代表

    As a Class Rep, your primary role is to serve as a goodwill ambassador to the parents in your grade. You also disseminate pertinent information from the school and the 皇冠365bet下载 Parents Association (PA) to the parents/guardians of your child’s class and coordinate parent/guardian participation in certain grade-level activities.

    • 欢迎新家庭
    • Coordination with the classroom teachers and any other parent volunteers for grade-level events/celebrations
    • Managing the Class Activities Funds (to cover the expenses of class celebrations and extra enhancements such as special projects or additional field trips)
    • Determining the Class Auction project

    Teacher and Faculty Appreciation Events
    We have several events planned throughout the year to show our 皇冠365bet下载 faculty and staff how much we appreciate their time and efforts. 今年, we will celebrate with Conference Day Luncheons and Surprise Celebration Treats, as well as with Appreciation Week, which culminates with the Annual Breakfast Event. 感谢皇冠365bet下载的父母们, faculty breakfast that day will consist of more than a cup of Joe and cold bagel: Parents donate breakfast foods, 礼品卡, and their time to allow the faculty to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the morning rush.

     Setup, donations, carline assistance, breakfast server, playground supervision, cleanup.
  • 父母程序设计和社交

    Throughout the year we work to identify various ways to bring our community together! Whether it’s educational programs for parents like the Parent Speaker Series or purely social gatherings like the Parent Mixers, we are looking for committee members to help plan events, 确定主题, and brainstorm ways to engage the community. 活动包括:
    • 父母系列讲座
    • 家长万圣节社会
    • 父母混合器
    • 家庭娱乐节
    • 志愿者升值事件
    • 夏天的编程 

    Committee members and day of event volunteers
  • 父母总是筹款活动

    Box Tops and Loyalty Coordinator will collect all the Box Tops from Giant, 西夫韦, 目标, and other loyalty programs and then send them in so 皇冠365bet下载 can earn cash to purchase books, iPad, 或其他物品. Manage a school-wide contest where the class that submits the most Box Tops earns a “free dress down day”.

    巴恩斯 & 高尚校园书展 
    的 Book Fairs continue to be a huge success! Our children look forward to making wish lists in anticipation of acquiring new and interesting additions to their libraries. Teachers reap the benefits, too, with generous book donations from 皇冠365bet下载 parents. 

    Setup, gift wrapping, cashier/checkout, and packaging items to be return to the vendor. Our 皇冠365bet下载 library is also always in need of parent volunteers.

    年度拍卖 & 联欢晚会 
    Our annual Auction is a major fundraising event led by the Development Office in partnership with the Parents Association. Several committees work together to make this event a success. Committees include Acquisitions and Sponsorships, 市场营销与校园热点, 装饰和娱乐

    Committee members (committees meet several times throughout the year) and day-of volunteers for item collection, 设置, 销售, 和清理.

    For further information on any of these opportunities, please email pa@agrinitani.com.

2020 - 2021执行委员会

Communications Officer- Andy Taylor
项目官员- Takisha Brown
开发官- Sol Ross
Teacher Appreciation Officer - Liz O'Hare